Aleš Sýkora wrote

Translate labels in Iconic Delivery Slots

21. 1. 2021 in

If you need to change labels of fields added by Iconic Delivery Slots to WooCommerce checkout, use this snippet:

 * Replace WooCommerce Delivery Slots labels. 
 * @param array $labels An array of labels.
 * @param WC_Order $order The WooCommerce order object.
 * @return array
function iconic_modify_delivery_slots_label( $labels, $order ) {
	$labels['details']           = 'Způsob doručení';
	$labels['date']              = 'Datum doručení';
	$labels['select_date']       = 'Vybrat datum nebo doručení ihned';
	$labels['choose_date']       = 'Vyberte datum, kdy chcete Poke dovézt';
	$labels['select_date_first'] = 'Prosím vyberte nejdříve datum';
	$labels['choose_time_slot']  = 'Zvolte čas doručení';
	$labels['time_slot']  = 'Čas dovozu Poke';
	$labels['select_time_slot']  = 'Zvolte čas doručení';
	$labels['not_time_slots']  = 'Bohužel, nejsou volné žádné časy';
	return $labels;

add_filter( 'iconic_wds_labels', 'iconic_modify_delivery_slots_label', 10, 2 );

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