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Toggle Table Row with jQuery (usable in Toolset)

If you want toggle to open a new row in the table, then … Read more

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Restrict post types in taxonomy archive

If you need to restrict which custom post types will display in taxonomy archive, you need to do it with some PHP. Here is how to do it.

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Best practise for jQuery in Toolset

Let me explain best practices for using jQuery inside a View, Form or Content Template’s JS panel.

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JS event after ajax in toolset views
Trigger js event after ajax finished

There’s a way to trigger a javascript callback after ajax event. The way how to do that is easy.

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youtube embed
Make slow YouTube embed faster with Toolset

Speed up your Toolset website with YouTube embeded videos. Load them faster in a minute. Try it right with this tutorial.

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Calculate between Toolset Types fields easily

Calculate between your Toolset custom post fields. Make your own plugin with shortcode today (or download our for free). Start now with our tutorial!

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schema markup toolset tag manager
Schema Markup for blog post w/ Gogle Tag Manager and Toolset Layouts

Boost your technical SEO with markup. Easilly use Google Tag Manager with JSON+LD script to tell the browser robots what is your page about!

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add placeholder to toolset search
Add placeholder to the search form in Views

Learn how to show a placeholder text in the search field made with Toolset Views via custom jQuery.

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