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Oxygen Pro Menu menu selector – workaround fix on multisite

9. 8. 2021 in ,

Symptoms: Pro menu on multisite doesn’t show the WordPress menus in select field.

Select is empty on pro menu element when using multisite installation.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue when using the Pro Menu element on a multisite install. There is a workaround by manually adding the ID of the menu you want to display to the page or template shortcodes. To do this, add the Pro Menu to your design, save it and go back to the admin area. Click +Shortcodes below the “Edit with Oxygen” button to view the design shortcodes.

Here’s an example of how the Pro Menu shortcodes will look:

[oxy-pro-menu ct_sign_sha256='c7b28661500072a9a2be0f438140363963e61dcd82c6ebf0dbd3f0ba1196c03b' ct_options='{"ct_id":2,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"-pro-menu-2-37"}'][/oxy-pro-menu]

They need to be altered to include the menu ID by adding the below towards the end of the shortcode. You need to check your WordPress menus to find the correct ID. Go to Admin > Appearance > Menus and select the menu from select input. Click on select and look at the URL address.

In your URL address has been added parameter menu=number.

Tak the menu ID and put it in the menu_id attribute in shortcode. Update the whole shortcode then with the code:


Here’s the full shortcode:

[oxy-pro-menu ct_sign_sha256='fe1bd05fdc8f9d6af7c486dfed1e46bf88972c72c3f64d2876ef43be79b30c8a' ct_options='{"ct_id":1,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"-pro-menu-1-37","original":{"menu_id":"40"},"activeselector":false}'][/oxy-pro-menu]

I would suggest taking a full backup of your site before doing this and also copying the full page or template shortcodes into a text document in case you need to revert your changes

I hope this helps!

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