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Custom excerpt lenght in Oxygen and WordPress

28. 5. 2021 in ,

Need to display smaller amount of words in some WordPress excerpts? Use custom function! Put the code below to your code snippets plugin or your custom funcionality plugin and use it in Oxygen Builder.

Thanks to

Custom code:

* Custom excerpt length.
* @link
* @param int $limit The number of words.
function excerpt( $limit ) {
return wp_trim_words( get_the_excerpt(), $limit );

Then go to Oxygen builder and add custom PHP return value, when adding dynamic data field.

Inserting dynamic data from custom PHP function in Oxygen

In PHP function write name of function to the first row input and number of words to the second input. For example this input returns excerpt of maximum size 8 words in Oxygen.

Oxygen PHP function call

The shortcode for custom excerpt lenght in Oxygen then looks like this:

[oxygen data='phpfunction' function='excerpt' arguments='8']

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