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Automatic Post to Facebook From WordPress with Custom Fields

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UPDATE 12.06.2019 – Integromat published new WordPress module wich requies authentication plugin for establishing the connection. Please reffer to this tutorial before you start.

If you want to post on your facebook page automatically when you publish the post & you want to use custom post types and custom fields made in Toolset Types – follow this post and see how easy it is.

You will learn how to use the Integration with Integromat service, which is free for this purposes (up to 1000 operations/month). You can use both facebook or gmail to faster sign up (or your e-mail adress). It works perfectly with custom fields from Toolset and you can use the custom fields in your facebook posts.

Set up Automatic Posting from WordPress to Facebook

Register the Integromat and connect to wordpress

So at first, go to the and create your free account. After sign up, login to your account and go to the Templates. Use the filter and select WordPress. Then select the WordPress + Facebook integration.

Integromat facebook

Start the set up of connection. At first you need to set up connection to WordPress. So add the URL of your website and administrator account details. Then choose which post type and status you want to use.

UPDATE 12.06.2019 – Before creating the connection – do steps from this Integromat Tutorial.

Add your WordPress URL and Admin account details.
Select the post type and its status.

Now go to the second step – select from which time the automatic posting start. In my opinion – from now. So every new post will be posted on facebook.

Connect Integromat to your facebook personal account

The next thing is connection between Integromat and Facebook. So click on the Facebook Bubble and add your Facebook account.

Facebook integration with Integromat

Set up your facebook post & add the custom fields

After adding the account fill the message you want to share in your facebook post. And look, there is the big deal of Integromat. It automatically shows all fields and custom fields and you can use them in your message. Just select them from the list and drag to the message. Easy huh?

Share WordPress post to your Facebook Page automatically

Now you are done with setting up connection to your primary Facebook Account posting from WordPress. But what about the facebook page or group? You can add the connection from WordPress to your fb groups and pages too. Just click to the + button at the bottom of page and select facebook page (or group). Then select your facebook account and allow access to your pages (or groups).

Add facebook Pages connector integromat
Add facebook pages connector.
Integromat permissions facebook
Allow access to the page.

And write the message you want to share on your page. I use the same as on my personal account.

Adding the message you want to share on facebook.

You are almost done. Look at the flow, your facebook page bubble, needs to be connected to the wordpress buble, same as your personal account. So take the small bubble on the side and drag it with your mouse to the WordPress bubble to make the connection. After you do this, new green bubble will appear with name “router”.

Integromat making connection
Making the new connection.

Now, your scenario is completed. What you need now is some schedule, when to run this scenario. At first, click on the save button at the bottom of Integromat designer. Then click on the schedule settings button (clock icon), set up your scheduling and turn the schedule on.

Integromat schedule

Congratulations. You have successfully set it up. Now it’s time to test it up and add more connections if you want. For testing, you can use the run once button.

Your complete scenario should look like this:

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