Modify 'ASAP' label in Iconic Delivery Slots

Author: Aleš Sýkora, 5. 1. 2021

You can use this code snippet to change the label for 'ASAP'

 * Iconic Woocommerce Delivery Slots - Modify 'ASAP' label.
 * @param string $label Label.
 * @return string
function iconic_wds_modify_asap_label( $label ) {
	return 'Delivery NOW'; // Change this value 
add_filter( 'iconic_wds_asap_label', 'iconic_wds_modify_asap_label', 10, 1 );

In this example, I have changed ASAP to 'Delivery NOW', you can change this to anything.

Please note it will not change the label right away after adding this code, because timeslot data is cached in the database. You will need to save the Delivery slots settings without changing anything to ensure the cache is cleared.