Change WP Rocket lazyload treshold

Author: Aleš Sýkora, 21. 1. 2021

Default treshold for lazyload is 300px in WP-Rocket. That means that images that are within 300px of the viewport (browser window) are loaded for smooth user experience.

If you like to load less images - for example 100px after viewport only - you can not set it up directly in WP Rocket's settings page.

To adjust WP Rocket Lazyload treshold, you need to use this filter:

function rocket_lazyload_custom_threshold( $threshold ) {
	return 100;
 //height in pixels
add_filter( 'rocket_lazyload_threshold', 'rocket_lazyload_custom_threshold' );

Put it in your code snippets, custom funcionality plugin or to functions.php i your child theme.